Archiware P5 Version 5.5 Release – Now Shipping

Archiware P5 Version 5.5 Release – Now Shipping

Archiware P5 Version 5.5 is now shipping and there are quite a few updates that make this and even more desirable solution suite.  Before I begin describing some of these updates it’s important to note, that this version is 64-Bit Only! That means whichever of the seven operating platforms you choose to host your P5 software it requires that it be run on a 64=Bit environment.   Here is a list of the platforms it will run on:

The following are some of the new or updated features:

  • Cloud support for Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, S3 Generic Protocols and Backblaze B2 (Support for MS Azure and others coming)
  • P5 Client to Client Synchronization without using server storage which means less overhead for your backup server.
  • Set archive indexes to be backed up automatically.
  • Ability to set multiple levels of clients including separate passwords for admin, operator, user, etc.
  • Archive using Pool or Object Formats.
  • Use the option to mirror VTL (virtual tape library) either onsite or offsite (Cloud).
  • Create an email with a link for sharing from within the P5 archive to provide a proxy view.

One more thing, please read the following before upgrading to P5 Version 5.5

The following notes apply to backup/archive installations where backups or archives are performed and are to be updated to version 5.5.  With version 5.5, object storage in the cloud is possible with modules P5 Backup and P5 Archive.  Cloud support requires a new storage structure for backup and archive volumes on disk.

Therefore, it is necessary to re-label existing but still unused volumes (labelled in an earlier version of P5).  Existing backup and archive volumes with data on them can still be read.

The following instructions therefore only apply to previously unused volumes that are to be re-labeled:

  1. Switch to media management -> Volumes area.
  2. Select the relevant disk volumes.
  3. Start the label process
    IMPORTANT: Make sure that you only label volumes that do not contain any data (capacity = 0 bytes) or volumes whose data you no longer need.

> Switch to volume list

After the operation is completed, the newly labeled volumes of P5 Backup or P5 Archive can be used.

Archiware’s latest release of P5 delivers on the promise of Cloud support among its other features.  We are happy to provide answers to your questions and evaluation software if you want to take this latest version of P5 for a spin.

Feel free to get in touch about this or any other storage related quetions.

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