Tools that I think can be useful and sites that simply caught my attention.

eSpace, a data calculator for filmmakers and post production

Several months back I came across eSpace written by Alex McAlpine. eSpace is a free iOS and Android based software utility for calculating disk space, and data rate requirements based on the most popular codecs.

RAID Calculator

One of the most helpful tools I have found for approximating how much space various RAID configurations can provide was created by ReclaiMe Team. They also have some other tips and tools at their home site ReclaiMe. The team is made up of Elena and Julia Pakhomova specialists in creating data recovery software for hard drives, memory cards, USB drives and RAID arrays called ReclaiMe!

Tape Backup Capacities and Speeds

For years I would talk to customer’s about how to plan for backup based on how much data they had and how long it might take to copy to tape.  I realized that the chart that I used provided me with the basic information I need to figure out and plan my customers’ needs so why not share that.