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Co-Creation + innovative solutions = More success!

A well thought out solution will be a major factor in setting the stage for your continued success! We will carefully listen to determine what needs to be achieved, inherent concerns with regards to budget, time frame, etc.

Connect & Collaborate

Our well-trained team will help you to select the technology needed to enable support for fast and easy sharing of digital content based on your workflow requirements. We can help you to make an educated decision on whether you will require fiber-channel (SAN) or network attached (NAS) based storage to provide the desired result.


Whether it’s Petabytes, Terabytes or Gigabytes we can help to create a flexible and unique shared digital storage plan. A plan which includes a phased approach to growing your storage related technologies based on needs as they develop. We have the experience and knowhow to provide solutions that can be scaled up to meet your next challenge when it occurs.


What many have learned is that down the road the ability to access and restore their digital assets can be crucial for a myriad of reasons. We can provide more than one type of archival solution, in fact several of them allow for detailed searches throughout all of your archived digital assets as well as the ability to restore items to any location you choose.

The Creative BT Promise

Creative Business Technologies has been providing turnkey solutions for decades. It’s our belief that every customer is entitled to exceptional service at a great price! Whether you are looking for an item or a complete solution, we can help. Our customers say, “Creative BT delivers boutique services at warehouse prices!”


Some companies we partner with

Connectivity - Storage - Media Asset Management - Archive/Backup Software - Archive Hardware

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ATTO Technology


High-Performance Audio & Video Workflows

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Tiger Technologies

Storage & Management

Shared storage simplified

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Archive/Backup Software

One software platform for many solutions

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What our clients say about us

  • “Howard is a very professional person to work with on any project. He dedicated the proper amount of time and resources to getting our project finished even after we ran into some technical issues that were not his fault (turns out we had some faulty fiber lines in our system). He was always friendly and nice to talk to and was a great instructor, not only showing me how the system that he installed works, but also showing me some common troubleshooting techniques. He even printed out a hard copy of the manual so I could quickly and easily find what I was looking for. I would highly recommend Howard from Creative Business Technologies for your next project.

    John A. Salvatore Chief Engineer, SNJ Today

  • Howard is not only very knowledgeable about all aspects of IT and video, he is a win-win businessman who puts his client's needs first, and treats them with the same deep respect he'd offer a family member. He takes every situation and tries to add something positive. There's no one I'd rather work with.

    Mike Chapman – Video Producer & Editor, Fangbopp

  • “I met Howard 10 years ago when he was working at UltraBac and over the years he has helped me decide on and deploy numerous storage and backup solutions. Howard not only sells you the solution but makes sure its the right one for your company and also makes sure the deployment goes well. He's there every step of the way. Howard truly puts the "Value" in VAR! He is a rare find in today's sea of solution providers.”

    Manny Pellicane, Source Medias

  • “There are a limited number of people in the data storage industry that have a strong skill set across business and technical disciplines. Howard is one of those rare cats, having the ability to build a business, and understand “Howard is a very dedicated solution provider. He takes the time to learn and train on all products which he sells, which stands out from many resellers. Have an innovative idea? I'm sure he can get something to work for you.”

    Joseph Warner, SAN Field App Engineer

  • “Howard was a QLogic partner of ours who was very effective in locating and closing business. He was a great communicator, and this combined with his technical knowledge of the data storage industry resulted in increased sales for our company. He is an honest and straight forward man who I thoroughly enjoyed working with and would highly recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to do the same.”

    Kevin Schlabach, Sr. Business Development Manager of Alliances

  • “Howard is one of the most knowledgeable people about the technology space that I know. He is honest, which is hard to come by and works hard for his clients. No matter what scenario I've seen him tackle, he has put his clients first and works to meet their needs with both cost and quality considerations. He is a go-to guy, especially when it comes to data storage and in today's media storage heavy world, Howard is the guy to work with you on how best to put your systems together.” Prodigy Communications acquired by AT&T

    Rodney Mayers, Director

  • “I have worked with Howard at two different companies and I will continue to work with him as long as I can. Integrity Data Systems is Howard; integrity is a great description of Howard; honest, consistant and complete...all that while being a very good business person and a great all around person.”

    Ken Vitto, Director of Marketing

  • “I've worked with Howard for nearly a year and a half. Howard's company is a close partner to ours. I would recommend Howard and Integrity Data Systems to anyone. Personally, I know that Howard builds his relationships on trust and honesty. He is an expert in the technology industry and delivers his solutions and services with his customer's best interests in mind. Howard and I work with many of the same customers and I always hear very positive feedback and compliments about Howard from our customers. I would recommend Howard as a business partner to anyone because I know that the customer will be serviced with great care and integrity.”

    Paul Dungey, Channel Sales

  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Howard on many major projects. He has very high integrity, is thorough, extremely knowledgeable and honest. He has always followed through on what he promised and has great sales skills. Given the chance I would work again with Howard in a heartbeat. He would be a great member of any team he belongs to as well. A true winner in all respects!”

    Tom Fabrizio, Director of Sales

  • “Thumbs up! My relationship with Howard evolved from him being a reseller to becoming a friend. In addition to his extensive SAN, network and storage expertise, Howard cares for people. He works hard, values his customers and nurtures their business. Howard knows how to intelligently leverage his relationships. He is someone I definitely trust, respect and value… AND he’s brought us excellent business!”

    Bernard Lamborelle, Director

  • “Howard and I met several years ago at a Trade show. After speaking with him for several minutes I realized he was a stand out among generic integrators/vars. As we have worked together over the last several years my initial impressions were confirmed. I would have no reservations passing a customer/prospect on to Howard as I would be sure they would be extremely satisfied with his expertise and professionalism.” TreTempo Inc, no longer in business

    Michael Fanelli, Partner

  • “Howard helped us with a big GFX server installation and was there every step of the way from initial design of our system to making sure it was up and running. He was very open to working with third party vendors of our choice and made it his business to make sure the hardware would do what we were asking it to do. I highly recommend him.”

    Dan Schwartz

  • “Howard Solomon has been instrumental in helping my company expand our storage infrastructure with high performance storage, fiber channel switches, networking, and most other technologies. Howard provides service with a "personal touch" that is rare these days. I can always count on Howard getting me the items I need as quickly as possible, whether it is a large storage solution or an LTO cleaning tape. I highly recommend Howard Solomon.”

    Fred Mushel

  • “Howard was always there for me, and delivered consistently and on time.”

    David Glaser – Director of IT and Development


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