Creative BT was founded in 2010 by a thirty-year veteran of the technology business. The staff at Creative BT come from established leaders in digital video, local and cloud storage, backup, archival and managing these in a secure and consistent manner.

Our team has helped create success for many companies. Most importantly, Creative BT works with and provides cutting edge technology that gives our customers an edge over their competition. Creative’s business continues to grow regularly for three reasons.

Creative BT have a reputation for delivering on our promises. Above all, we act as the glue between what the manufacturers have promised and what your expectations are.

Our partners (managed service providers, publishers of software and manufacturers of hardware) know that they can trust Creative BT to take good care of the customers we share. We work closely with our suppliers, and the architects of many of the solutions we provide. This is to keep the lines of communications flowing until a well thought out totally serviceable solution has been implemented and has an ongoing support plan.

Our efforts have earned us a place as the "go to guys" for many of our partners. Most importantly because we agree that when a customer's goals are met we all share in that customer's success. Your success is our common goal!

Howard Solomon, our founder, has been involved in building some of the earliest video server platforms used in playback. Examples include video over IP at Bloomberg by integrating hardware and software products from several sources. (comments about Howard).

Our ability to recognize and successfully implement cutting edge technologies has helped numerous customers.

Creative BT enjoys many close working relationships with leading technology companies who provide cutting edge solutions for managing, storing, editing and archiving your digital assets.

Creative BT distinguishes itself among so many by our long history of having direct relationships. For instance, we love to co-create with the software publishers and hardware manufacturers. They enable us to directly enlist their help on behalf of our customers. In Conclusion, Creative BT is all about service and completely focused on how we can contribute to your success and provide value.