In 2007 we began Backblaze to backup our friends' computers online. We had a mission to make backup software elegant and provide complete peace of mind. Today we have expanded to protect business and offer our B2 Cloud Storage to developers and IT. 

    • Personal Backup: Never lose a file again. Backup an unlimited amount of data. Unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited file size. You can download a free restore or have a USB hard drive or USB key Fedex to you.
    • Business Backup: The same award winning backup service is available to business. Unlimited Data. No throttling. Backup all your companies laptop and desktop computers to the cloud.
    • B2 Cloud Storage: Developers and IT people can now build their own cloud storage solutions with Backblaze. Using our storage pods you can build applications, host content or build your very own backup service on B2.


We have found that stories are a powerful way to talk to customers about how B2 can save time and money and improve their media workflow. You can find those stories here.

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